Thoughts on Software

Hi, my name is Gordon Cassie.

I am a corporate lawyer turned software developer. In 2013, I founded Closing Folders with a friend from law school. Our mission was to make software to run corporate legal transactions. Unable to secure funding to hire developers, I taught myself to program and was the sole developer on the product for the first three years. As we attained commercial success, we grew our team organically from revenues. I built out a sophisticated technical organization that could meet the stringent standards of the world's most elite law firms. Today, Closing Folders is used to power thousands of corporate legal transactions worth billions of dollars every year. In 2020 we sold Closing Folders to iManage.

In January 2024, I launched a new project, eno which I am now working on full time. eno is a modern word processor for the rapid creation and editing of documents. Its goal is to make professionals who work with documents 10x more productive than existing tools. eno is written in zig.

I live in Victoria, BC with my wife and three kids.

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